Revealed: Three Quarters of British Men Confess to ‘Dad Dancing’

Revealed: Three Quarters of British Men Confess to ‘Dad Dancing’

This is an article that appeared in The Sun in May 2015.

A survey of Britons has revealed the very best in ‘dad dancing’ moves, as voted for by UK men. Furthermore, almost three quarters (73%) confessed that they have, at some point, been guilty of pulling out ‘dad dancing’ moves on the dance floor. The most likely places to witness the spectacle includes ‘stag dos’, ‘family parties’ and ‘work nights out’.

A poll has revealed the extent of ‘dad dancing’ in the UK, with almost three quarters of British men confessing that they have been guilty of throwing some of the cheesy shapes associated with the phenomenon on the dance floor. Having revealed the occasions when Britons are most likely to fall into the ‘dad dancing’ trap, the survey also discovered that two thirds of men feel that the dancing style is ‘contagious’ and a further 60% believed they had inherited the condition from their own father.

The survey, conducted by, sought to investigate the ‘Dad Dancing’ phenomena and understand how widespread the epidemic has become. 2,077 British men took part in the survey, all of whom were aged between 18 and 70.

The respondents were first asked, “Have you ever been guilty of ‘dad dancing’ or used any cheesy dancing moves which may be construed as such?” to which almost three quarters (73%) confessed that they had. These respondents were then asked to identify any influencing factors as to why they pulled out the ‘dad dancing’ moves, to which 67% stated that their ‘friends were dad dancing and it was contagious’, while 60% stated they had ‘inherited’ the condition from their own father.

When asked where they were likely to partake in ‘dad dancing’, the most popular locations were as follows:

  1. Stag dos – 71%
  2. Family parties – 69%
  3. Work nights out – 63%
  4. Weddings – 57%
  5. Nights out with friends – 56%

The poll revealed that ‘dad dancing’ is most likely to be a style used by those aged ‘30-35’, with those men in the South West of the UK most likely to be seen doing so. 

Gerry Connolly, founder of Hello Party, commented:

“I think most of us men have thrown a few cheesy shapes and moves at some point; some of us more than others! There’s no shame or judgement – so long as everyone’s having a good time. Who cares if you look a bit daft? At least you’re up there having fun on the dance floor! Just beware of smartphones in the vicinity as you don’t want to end up the next unwitting internet sensation, especially if you wake up to the news with a bit of a sore head as well!”