How to make a quick and easy poster hanger

How to make a quick and easy poster hanger

When thinking of hanging a poster, whether as a temporary or more permanent fixture, most of us will instinctively reach for the Blu Tack. Although Blu Tack is a great invention and works brilliantly, it can sometimes leave nasty little marks and the posters and banners don't always sit as well as you'd like. Fear not, we're here to help,  why not try making these little wooden poster hangers? They will create a lovely feature of the poster and won't damage the walls as much!




Let's start with the equipment you'll need:

  1. Some posters! Here we have 2 x Hello Party A3 posters from the First Birthday Forest theme. You can personalise your own here.
  2. Some strips of wood. We used D shape moulding. we used something similar to this.
  3. A saw to cut your wood to size.
  4. Sandpaper to smooth the edges.
  5. Screw eyes. We got ours here.
  6. Washi tape or masking tape.
  7. Bakers twine or any kind of string or ribbon.
  8. Spray paint (optional).

Let's go!

1. Firstly, you will need to cut the strips of wood to the width of the poster you'd like to hang. As we are using A3 posters, we cut the wood to approx 317mm as that gives us about 5mm either side, you can cut them to the exact size if you prefer.


2. Now sand the ends a little to get rid of any rough edges.



3. Screw the screw eyes in each end of the strip. Make sure you keep the screw in the centre, so it doesn't poke through the front or back of the strip! The finished position 0f the eye should be parallel with the edge of the wooden strip so that it will hang flush against the wall.



4. Position the poster centrally on the reverse of the wooden strip.



5. Using low tack tape, stick the poster to the wooden strip. Here we have used washi tape, but you can use any tape that is removable so you can use the poster hangers again and not damage the posters!



6. Choose some twine that compliments the poster design. We have used yellow and white bakers twine to go with the pretty forest theme. (You can get yours here: ). Tie a simple knot through the screw eye.


7. Repeat this on the other side. Try and keep the same amount of excess string on both ends.



8. Your poster is now ready to hang. Here we have hung it from a small brass nail.



9. We painted the strips below using gold enamel spray paint. Why not experiment with different paints and finishes?




10. You can also repeat steps 4 and 5 on the bottom of the posters to give them a bit of extra weight so that they hang nice and taut. You can see that here, we have also painted the strips white and used ribbon to hang them instead of bakers twine. The possibilities are endless!

The posters and bunting shown here are from our  Rustic Watercolour - Fresh Collection

The posters and bunting shown here are from our Rustic Watercolour - Fresh Collection


There you have it. A lovely simple way to hang a poster that looks pretty and doesn't break the bank. We'd love to see what you create, so please share your photos with us!