Super Cute Easter Bunny Balloon DIY

Who doesn’t think of Easter without thinking of bunny rabbits and what could be cuter than bunnies made from balloons?! Read on to see how I created them, and download the template so you can make them too! It would be the perfect project for an Easter crafting afternoon with the kids.


To make these adorable bunny balloons you will need:

1. Easter Bunny printable template. Download here. Printed on plain white printer paper.
2. A selection of balloons. I used 5” and 11” balloons in pearl white, pearl ivory and snow white. (get yours here)
3. A low-temperature glue gun, glue dots or glue roller.
4. Balloon sticks (get yours here)
5. Balloon pump (get yours here)
6. Paper straws
7. Black adhesive paper or black marker (not pictured)
8. Faux flowers (optional)



Download and print out your Easter Bunny Balloons template on to plain white printer paper.




Pump up your chosen balloon (a). I started with this 5” pearl white one.
Once inflated, tie a knot in the neck and then wrap this around the claw of the balloon stick (b). 




Next, let’s add your bunny’s face. Use the print out as a template and cut around the eyes and nose on the black adhesive paper and stick in place (a). Alternatively, you could use a marker to draw the eyes directly on the balloon.

Cut out the 2 ears. Fold along the point where it is marked on the template. This forms a tab to attach to the balloon.  I also lightly folded down the centre of each ear to give a bit of shape (b).

Apply the glue of your choice onto the tab and stick to the top of your balloon (c)

If you are doing this on a large balloon, you may want to cut a paper straw to size and tape it to the back of the ear to act as extra support so the ear stands up.




Now we’re going to put together the sweet little bow.

Cut out the bow and the bow centre from your template. Take the bow piece, put a little bit of glue on the end and fold to the centre, keeping the pattern on the outside (a). Then do the same with the other side (b)

Take the bow centre, add glue to the entire reverse, position it over the 2 ends you just stuck down (c) and wrap the ends and stick on the reverse (d).

attach-2 copy-100.jpg

Add a glue dot to the back and stick it at the bottom of the balloon on the stick like a bow tie, or at the base of the ear for a cute hair accessory.


For a few little finishing touches you could cut some thin strips of black paper to use as whiskers, use a pink marker to give a little blush to the cheeks or for extra cuteness get some faux flowers and give your bunny a floral crown. 

easter-balloons-flowers-700 (Priime Valley).jpeg
P3170171 2.JPG
bunny-green-flowers (Priime Valley).jpeg


I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did. Please remember to share your photos with me, I'd love to see your bunnies!

Happy Easter!




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