5 Tips for an EGGcellent Easter get-together

5 Tips for an EGGcellent Easter get-together

Although you wouldn’t believe it looking at the skies above the Hello Party Studio but Easter really is only a hop, skip and a jump away! So today we’re going to show you some great tips and ideas to help you to throw a stylish Easter party.


1. Egg Hunt

One of our favourite things about Easter (besides lots of chocolate, of course) is a cracking good Easter Egg Hunt! They do require a little forward planning but aren't too much hard work and are always thoroughly enjoyed by both children and adults alike. You will need to decide which type of hunt you want to organise. Will it be a hide and seek? Or more of a treasure hunt? Will it require solving cryptic clues or even reading a map! The options are endless. Just remember to take everyone's age and ability into account to ensure that everyone gets involved and gets a fair share of the goodies!

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2. Egg Decorating

Will you be decorating eggs for Easter? Eggs and Easter have almost become synonymous. Traditionally, the egg is a symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth and whilst we love doing things the traditional way, decorating eggs has come a long way. There are so many options out there. So, if you are looking for inspiration you are in the right place.

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3. Balloons

Every celebration needs a little decoration and Easter is no different. What better way to impress family and friends than with some Easter balloons. I mean come on…they look like eggs and at Hello Party we like to think that you can never have too many balloons! Decorate them, match them with your table decor and wonder at the smiles on the kid's faces!

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4. Table Setting

Easter is the perfect reason to celebrate with family and friends and hopefully, with the onset of Springtime, it's a great time to get ahead of the game with a table setting to really impress your guests. With subtle changes in the weather and the countryside around us why not try mixing and matching a selection of tableware in beautiful pastels for a lovely effect. Have a look at these lovely examples:

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5. Easter Baking

Easter is a great time to get together with family and friends and whilst chocolate seems to hold the number one spot for Easter food, spare a thought for some of the other runners in the race. Nothing says “Easter” quite like the traditional Hot Cross Bun and to make your Easter celebration stand out, other delicious treats such as cupcakes, egg nest and decorated biscuits are a sure-fire way to make your Easter menu a winner.