5 EASY ways to create the perfect party backdrop

5 EASY ways to create the perfect party backdrop

Glamming it up is one our favourite things about throwing a party and if you’re looking for a few tips on how to make your next celebration look extra special, how about a party backdrop? A party theme and backdrop have the ability to tie all the other elements of your party together. Imagine lots of guests, cameras in hand ready to capture the evening and a great backdrop can really set the scene as well as pretty much guarantee some great party shots. What do you think of these great backdrop ideas?

1. Paper Plate Backdrop

It doesn't get much easier than this fab idea. It’s great for any occasion and you can pretty much match any colour scheme. All you need is paper plates and tape!

Dandy and Fine Parties

Dandy and Fine Parties

2. Balloon Party Backdrop

If your looking for a backdrop that’s super effective and won’t break the bank then why not go for a balloon wall backdrop. Colour, shapes and size options are endless. Just make sure you invest in a balloon pump to save those lungs!!

3. A Pinwheel Fan Backdrop

Fancy fantastic fun with fans? Well, creating these lovely backdrops from paper fans is not only certain to dazzle as beautiful party decor but makes for a great photo backdrop too! Party decorating was never so easy!

4. Record Wall Party Backdrop

Vinyl is back in fashion so this ingenious funky record backdrop is easy to create and ideal for any retro or disco party! You don’t even have to use your old favourite records. Charity shops are full of boxes of old vinyl so you’d be doing a good deed too!

5. Big Fringe Party Backdrop

These big swathes of fringed crepe paper make a huge impact as a pretty party backdrop and are really simple to make (or why not buy them pre-cut for even less effort)!

We hope you love this collection of party backdrop inspiration. Do let us know your favourites.

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